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Inner Light First song

Michel wrot several songs, The first song Inner Light is a journey to the stars Text and Melody Michel Fine tuning and re written by Theo Breuls. The song tells a story with your love one to the stars. The first song was written early 2016-17 and was waiting to be born,Later 2022 there will be a Remix of the first song. The start of making Music will have a new chapter.

Innerlight Remix will be re written by Wil Geerlings also a great musisian from Holland.

"Its the first song and this song is several years Old, Becaus the song means so much to me we will make this remake to set a new course, A bigger Goal More music and the will to get it better, And maybe if the god's are willing the first song will have his biggest moments"


"Children of the world, in the beginning the number did not run, after a while the number reached the gold status. Although Michel does not participate in artist exploitation by paying high amounts to get a golden official copy, he manages it himself. Music must be from the heart, and not from a money standpoint. I will therefore not participate in the exploitation of artists and make music the way music is intended"

German - ENG

"Michel writes songs in English and German, Writing my music is a way of life. I write not only for myself but also for others. Sometimes you have a special feeling about that, but sometimes you are also disappointed. You write and act and hope you get your share, but sometimes the end result is different. In the Netherlands you only belong to the big ones when you appear on radio and TV, but you are not approached most want to exploit you. Working with a program on regional TV has reinforced this. You score well but you are not rewarded. If you help others it will be used against you later, people will run off pretending they don't know you. Even if you have thousands of clicks, others who seem to want to do everything to get higher are preferred, as long as you nod yes and do what they want you're good, otherwise you're nothing and you will be put aside. I don't give in to it, and I make music because I like it no matter what others think of me."

Team michel Sings juni 18, 2022